Here is one of the most interesting after dinner activities of the life in Kekova. Swim at night !... Especially when there is no moon; in total darkness. Because of the static electric created by your body movements, the millions of planctons get enlighted like sparkles. All of a sudden you become like the 'Tinker Bell of Peter Pan' After the swim you either return to the village or sip your drinks on the upper deck of Bambi taking a 'star bath' and chatting or singing with your friends, while Bambi drifts slowly in the bay with an imperceptible current. Those who know how to drive a boat and want to sleep with their companion on Bambi and wash their face just by jumping into the sea in the morning, can hire the boat and spend the night on the see. The night swim trip is 5€ pp and the night rent of Bambi is 25 € per night, regardless of the no. of persons on board.