So!.. We woke up, and had breakfast. Now let's go to the sea with Bambi !... We leave the anchor around 11.00 and sail to one of the bays which you see on the map longing the historical places. While you swim, snorkel, and watch the uncomparable beauties, colors,ruins and fishes under the water, or trying to hunt them, or hmmmm !... sipping your aperitives in the water we put the fire on and prepare what is to be eaten that day. After the lunch, we go to some more different bays, those who desire take a nap on board. At the end of the day towards 17.00-18.00 with the sun down we return to the village, satisfied of the sea and the activities. The price of that trip including the lunch excluding the beverages is 25€ pp if you are 4 persons or more. If you do not want to go out everyday, than we leave you by boat in a nearby bay or to Simena with your picnic basket prepared either by you or us and come and get you back at a given hour. This service is free of charge.