Welcome to Telemen's house; The noise of the city, the traffic jams, the time which runs fast and the fatigue... All these are now faraway. Now there is Telemen's house who is going to be your holiday address. You are at "Telemen'in Evi" in Kekova a natural paradise where the greens, blues and all other colours are harmoniously embracing each other.!...

Kekova Antalya Telemen’s House in the vicinity of Ucagiz Demre Myra. Here is an address where you are going to feel at home while making 'Holiday at Kekova'

Süleyman Korucu; a naturally warm, smiling and good hearted human, able to catch
fish even with his bare hands,
good diver, and an excellent cook
umitirisYour contact person, the owner of
Al-Dor Tourism Co.; spritual father or brother of Telemen and the grand father  of Lassie
A. Ümit İriş