Mmmmmmmhhh!...How splendid dishes will you taste...Roasted Groopers or Dorades with wine sauce, Calamaris, Octopus , Crabes, Lobsters, all kind of delicious Mezze's, eggplants grilled on the charcoal, grilled or fried fish, chicken or meats, noodles prepared with sauces to surprise even the most demanding Italians, stuffed aubergines, 'Boeuf Bourguignons à la Umit's' 'Börek' s with different stuffings etc. etc. All are dishes which will add different unforgettable tastes to your mouth's memory. Heyooo !!! Children; keep the secret from the adults... There are even fresh made French Fries too !... Oh ! to mention there are also the fresh salads and vegetables grown by Telemen in his garden without any additives.